Momentum (Flight Training Video)

After one year in training, EZMP01 have finished the ‘Core Phase’ of the EasyJet MPL programme. This film documents our flight training at CTCs Bournemouth training centre, as well as giving a sneak peak at what is to come! Whilst at Bournemouth we completed a number of multi-engine flights in the Twinstar as well as upset recovery flights in the DA40 and the Bulldog, all of which can be seen in the video.

As usual, huge thanks to the staff at CTC who made this phase of training just as fantastic as the previous phases. Also, big thank you to the fantastic ‘We Are Mako’ for the awesome soundtrack. You can check out more of their music here

This is the fourth video I have made of our flight training, and I really hope you enjoy it!

*As with all of my videos, all handheld footage was recorded whilst in the back seats and no video recording on any device took place whilst piloting the aircraft.*