Taking Flight

‘Taking Flight’ is the second video I have made showing our flight training out here in New Zealand. This video shows some of the incredible sights we have seen whilst completing the solo navigation phase of training. It has been amazing, and I for one feel very lucky to be here doing what I’m doing. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed flying it! The first video, Scenes From the Sky, showcased our earlier dual flights and can be found here

For more information on the EasyJet MPL and other schemes, visit www.ctcwings.com

** All handheld video footage was recorded whilst not PIC of the aircraft **


Scenes from the Sky

What can I say, the last seven weeks of flying have been fantastic, and with another nine weeks to go out here in New Zealand there is plenty more to come! As we are now in the Navigation phase, I thought I’d piece some footage together to give you all a better view of just what our flights involve as well as some of the incredible the sights we see.

I hope you enjoy it!

P.S. On another note, the EasyJet MPL scheme will soon be open for applications, and all the information on the 2014 course can be found at http://www.ctcwings.com/easyjet.

As always, I am very happy to answer your questions so feel free to use the ‘Contact Me’ feature of the website to get in touch. To those applying, good luck and maybe I’ll see you soon here at CTC!