Momentum (New Video)

After one year in training, EZMP01 have finished the Core Phase of the EasyJet MPL Programme! The core phase was finished off with a four week training phase at CTCs Bournemouth training centre where we completed three upset recovery flights and five DA42 Twinstar flights (including one in the simulator). Upset recovery looks at how to successfully recover an aircraft from a stall or an unusual attitude, and has come to the forefront of aviation training following the crash of Air France 447 in 2009. We completed these flights in the Diamond DA40 and the Scottish Aviation ‘Bulldog’, both of which were great fun to fly! A lot of focus was placed on our flights in the DA42 Twinstar, in which we focused on further developing our IFR route flying experience and had an in depth look at asymmetric flight and engine failure procedures. Again, the Twinstar was brilliant fun to fly and was notably more powerful than the Cessna 172! It sure made for an enjoyable summer, and we even found the time to visit the beach every now and again.

Below you can find a brand new video which shows how we spent the four weeks at Bournemouth (which was made all the better with wall to wall sunshine)! As usual, huge thanks goes to the staff at CTC who made this phase just as seamless and enjoyable as the previous phases. I hope you enjoy the video 🙂

For a detailed insight into our Bournemouth phase and the beginning of our basic phase, click here



‘Panorama’ is the final video showing our flight training out in New Zealand. The footage was taken over a period of four days on a ‘flyaway’ where we completed our IFR flying phase. In essence, we took three Cessnas to Napier (an airport on the east coast) and based ourselves there to complete the five IFR flights. Due to it’s location, it enabled us to fly to the South Island as well as visit some awesome places on the North Island too. I certainly feel very privileged to say that my first ever ILS approach was flying a 172 into Wellington International (which was full of A320s,  737s and lots of other interesting aircraft types). The video aims to capture some of the incredible sights that we saw whilst on the trip and show you just one of the reasons why pilots love going to work!!

We all had an absolutely incredible time in New Zealand, and we are now back in the UK to begin our upset recovery and multi-engine flying phase before moving onto the Airbus A320 simulator in a matter of weeks. A new blog post is coming very soon, but in the meantime I hope you enjoy the video.

Speak soon!